Fundraising Online

Statistics show that people raise more money through online fundraising pages than using paper sponsorship forms.

Creating one is quick and easy and most importantly, your donations are safely transferred to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund at regular intervals.

We recommend Virgin Money Giving and Just Giving.

How to get the most out of your page:

People will be much more interested in your fundraising if they know your story.

Don’t be afraid to share your unique experience and the reasons behind choosing to raise money for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

Fundraisers who add a personal picture raise 33% more than those who don’t.

JustGiving allows users to create a unique text code to share with their supporters who can then donate through a text message.

Visit JustGiving to create this text code.

It’s a good idea to make a donation yourself on the page first to show your commitment, others will follow.

Also ask the people who are most likely to donate first (parents, best friends) as studies show that people will up their donation if they see others have donated also.

Target setters raise up to 40% more.

If you are getting close to reaching your target, think about upping the figure as supporters are less likely to donate if they think you have already reached your goal.

Update your Facebook and Twitter pages with details of your event and how people can donate.

Every viral share of your online page is worth an average of £5 in donations!

Use every opportunity you have to advertise your page on work newsletters, magazines, the intranet and your email signature.

It’s worth approaching your company to ask them to contribute.

Many companies have a budget for charitable giving and happily offer to match your total.

Around 20% of your donations will come in after you have completed your event so don’t forget to keep fundraising after you have crossed the finish line.

It’s a good opportunity for you to update your family and friends on how well you did.

People who haven’t sponsored you already might be persuaded when they see how much effort you put into your event.