Promoting your fundraising is so important if you want to maximise how much money you raise – the more people who know about it, the more donations you’re likely to receive.

Everyone has a favourite way of keeping in touch, so don’t be afraid to use everything at your disposal – email, social media update or text message – whatever works for you.

Press and Social Media

Your local media can be a huge help. They want stories about what’s going on in their area and you want publicity for your event/challenge. Before making contact consider the following:

  1. What do you want to achieve? Do you want more people at your event or donations to your fundraising page?
  2. Know your facts. What is happening, when and why?
  3. Who you need to talk to? Reporters names and contact numbers are often published online or inside a newspaper.
  4. What area does the paper or radio station cover? Most regional media covers a specific area so check you are contacting the right one. Make sure you emphasise you are from their area.
  5. What’s your angle? Are you a parent of child with CHD? Is your fundraising very unusual? Have you reached a specific milestone with your fundraising? To maximise the chances of getting coverage think about what your news angle is.

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your fundraising. It’s easy to do, free to use, and really popular:

  • Update your Facebook and Twitter accounts telling people what you’re doing and why. Don’t be afraid to make it personal – people love to know the reasons behind your fundraising.
  • If you’re holding an event make the date and time as clear a possible or better still create an event on Facebook and invite people.
  • If using online fundraising pages don’t forget to include a link to the page.
  • Follow relevant people and ask them to retweet your story – you just never know who might find out about it!
  • Don’t forget to mention us @CHSurgeryFund, we love to hear what you are up to and can share your post!
  • Update your friends and followers on your preparation so they know how much work you’re putting into raising money.