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This year follows the journey from antenatal diagnosis to adulthood focusing on Single Ventricle Anatomy.

We will be welcoming our colleagues from Leeds along with European colleagues to speak at the conference.

Please keep an eye out on this page or on Facebook for speaker names.

The event is aimed at professionals working within, or linked to, congenital heart units across the country.

Please note, this booking process is held on the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund Website.

The Venue

Both Days (Doctoral Staff)
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Both Days (Other Healthcare Staff)
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1 Day (Doctoral Staff)
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1 Day (Other Healthcare staff)
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This conference will feature...

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  • Antenatal Diagnosis of Single Ventricle with Trinette Steenhuis, Consultant Cardiologist, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • Antenatal Options for Single Ventricle Anatomy with Shuba Barwick, Consultant Cardiologist
  • Anaesthesia for the Single Ventricle Patient with Joe Mellor, Consultant Anaesthetist
  • DA stent and Hybrid procedures with Jamie Bentham, Consultant Cardiologist
  • Surgical Options Including Sano/BT shunts with Carin Van Doorn, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon.
  • Care of the Single Ventricle Patient on PICU with Adam Nicholls, PICU Consultant
  • Time Out, Peep Support with Sian Cooper, PICU Consultant
  • CT and MRI with Mike Darby and Hamish Walker
  • Home INR testing with Elaine Wooley, Congenital Cardiac Nurse Specialist and Hannah Mitchell, Pharmacist
  • Specialist Nurse involvement in antenatal diagnosis of single ventricle anatomy with Marie Wray, Congenital Cardiac Nurse Specialist
  • Hospice support for families with Michael Tatterton, Martin House Hospice
  • Congenital conditions case studies – Leila Rittey, Cardiology registrar.
  • “I’m a healthcare professional, GET ME OUT OF HERE…!!!” with Emma Marshall, Play Specialist
  • Glenn and Fontan Surgical Procedures with Osama Jabber, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
  • Common Arrhythmia’s and Post-Op Pacing with Dominic Hares, Consultant Cardiologist
  • Echocardiogram and Warning Signs with Antigoni Deri, Consultant Cardiologist
  • Regional Approach to Single Ventricles with Elspeth Brown, Consultant Cardiologist
  • The Deteriorating Fontan with Kate English, Consultant Cardiologist
  • “I’ve hit 16 – what now doc?” with Damien Cullington, Consultant Cardiologist
  • How social media supports patients and families with Mike Fresson, Congenital Cardiac Nurse Specialist
  • Contraception and pregnancy with a single ventricle anatomy with Jo Quirk, Congenital Cardiac Nurse Specialist and Helen Perry, Adult Congenital Heart Disease Registrar
  • Psychological effects for the patient and families with Sara Matley, Psychologist
  • Pharmaceutical requirements of the single ventricle patient with Theresa Brooks, Pharmacist
  • High-Risk Discharge with Cat Brown, Congenital Cardiac Nurse Specialist

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