Support hearts for life, and WIN!


The CHSF lottery continues to go from strength to strength, but we always need new members.

It gives our supporters a chance to win £100 every seven days, and only costs £1 per week.

And unlike other lotteries, the relatively low amount of participants gives you an excellent chance to win!

What better way to promote the benefits of winning than by quoting past victors, so here’s some of your feedback:

CHSF is a charity close to me. The work they do to support families and people with Congenital Heart Disease is fantastic. For just £1 a week, the chance of winning £100 on the CHSF lottery is amazing. I strongly encourage people to join up!

I was surprised when I won the CHSF lottery as I never win anything. We were super excited to be able to shop for garden bits. Our garden had been unloved since we moved in so we could now show it some attention.

I was very surprised to be an early winner in the CHSF lottery. I am very impressed by the hard work put in by your team. I treated myself and my four grandchildren to a meal and icecreams during the summer holidays and am happy to continue with the lottery for such a worthwhile cause.

Our daughter had open heart surgery at 5 months old and we felt the lottery was a way of giving money to an amazing charity with the chance to win some cash. With the money we bought a picnic hamper and a baby walker.

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Author: Andy McNally

Date Posted: September 22, 2016