Skydive, North Lincolnshire


Want to know what it’s like to skydive at 120mph? Tandem parachuting allows you to experience the thrill of freefall without any extensive training!

Date: Sunday 16 September 2018
Time: 8am – 6pm
Location: Hibaldstow Airfield, North Lincolnshire

Jumping from 15,000ft, you will enjoy one whole adrenaline-fuelled minute of freefall.

Further information

A tandem skydive allows you to enjoy one minute of freefall harnessed to the front of a fully qualified instructor and you simply need a short 20 minute briefing beforehand as it is the instructor who opens and lands the parachute. It will be the most exhilarating experience of your life!

The Skydive will take place on Sunday 16 September at Hibaldstow Airfield, North Lincolnshire.

You can choose to book your skydive on any other day, just let us know your preferred date and we will check availability for you.

In order to take part and effectively jump for free, Children’s Heart Surgery Fund asks you to raise a minimum amount of £395. We will offer you full support in your fundraising goals!

This amount covers the cost of the tandem jump (£209) and a minimum donation (£186) for the charity.

Every extra penny that you raise over the minimum comes straight to us, so please try to raise as much as you possibly can!

You must be 16 year or older to take part. There is a maximum weight of 16 stones (100kg) for both males and females. Certain medical conditions (for example, epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions and some forms of diabetes) or recurring injuries (for example, recurring dislocations) may preclude you from participating in a skydiving course.

If you need any information about the skydive itself or the age, weight and medical restrictions then you can contact the airfield directly by emailing

To book your place, email or call 0113 392 5742 and request a booking form.

You’ll then be asked to pay a £50 deposit.  The £50 will go towards your fundraising target of £395.